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Easter plays
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Easter play scripts
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Easter plays to act by kids

 Easter assembly scripts, Easter play scripts, Easter scripts.
 Easter assembly plays, short Easter plays for kids, Easter KS1
 Funny simple scripts for pre-school kids and emergent readers.


Easter play

"Spring Time Down on the Farm"

Play for Easter for children in Kindergarten - 1st Grade
of Elementary Schools (UK Primary Year 1 - Year 2).

Price:    4.00  GBP   or   7.00 USD
(inclusive 3 royalty-free public performances)

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About the play
"Spring Time Down on the Farm" at:   KS1 SCRIPTS .


Easter play

"Spring Fairies"

Pre-K - Kindergarten Elementary play for kids for Easter
(UK Primary Reception - Year 1).

Price:    5.00  GBP   or   9.00 USD
(inclusive 3 royalty-free public performances)

About the play and buy the script
"Spring Fairies" at:   KS1 SCRIPTS .

Easter play


1st Grade - 2nd Grade Elementary play for kids for Easter
(UK Primary Year 2 - Year 3 play script).

Price:    5.00  GBP   or   9.00 USD
(inclusive 3 royalty-free public performances)

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Easter plays scripts   Easter scripts   School Easter plays   
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Easter play scripts for kids   
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Easter chicken image for kids

Buy our original amusing Christmas plays and Christmas pantomimes to act out by kids, plays to act by children for Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Valentine's Day, children's play script for Independence Day and drama scripts for other notable days .

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3 royalty-free performances inclusive.

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