Celebrate St Piran’s Day and the Cornish Piskies

By Robert Reed

Palm trees, surfing and people greeting each other with “aloha”, you can only be in one place in the world…  Welcome to Cornwall!  It’s a county located on the south-west peninsula of Britain. Okay, so it might be a bit similar to… what’s-it-called?  Ah, yes, Hawaii.  But, still Cornwall -or Kernow, in the local language- is a great place to visit.  The climate is the mildest in the UK thanks to the Gulf Stream and there are miles of sandy beaches.

Cornwall is famous for its fish dishes and cream teas.  Tourist attractions include the Eden Project and Tintagel Castle, legendary home of King Arthur.  Well, a lot of other places in Britain claim to be the location of  Arthur’s castle where he entertained round knights; however, for my money Tintagel is the real deal.  He just travelled around the country frequently because he was so famous, that’s all.

I know Hawaii Five-O wasn’t shot in Newquay, but if it had been, I’m sure Detective Lieutenant Steve McGarrett’s catchphrase would have been different: something like, “Get me a pasty, Danno!”  I like Cornwall, so I wrote a really funny play script to celebrate St Piran’s Day.  Enough said.

For teachers from Cornwall – special assembly play about Saint Piran and the Cornish Piskies http://artdramascripts.com/patron_saints.

There are some fantastic pictures of scenery and places to visit in Cornwall at http://www.visitcornwall.com/ .

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