Thanksgiving celebrations in the USA

Thanksgiving in the USA is one of the most important holidays of the year.  It’s a time for family and friends to gather and eat turkey and pumpkin pie.  However, not all the turkeys get served up on the dinner table.  Every year the President grants one lucky bird a “pardon”.  Another contemporary feature of Thanksgiving is American football.

Of course, the original Thanksgiving celebrated by the Pilgrims, in 1621 with King Massasoit and ninety of his tribe featured games as well: displays of archery and musketry, dancing and more besides.  The Pilgrims were celebrating the bounty of their first harvest in the New World, which owed so much to the goodwill of their new neighbors.

So, on the 4th Thursday in November you might want to prepare some pumpkin pie and check out a very funny play script First Thanksgiving for kids to enjoy and learn more about the journey of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving.

It’s difficult enough deciding what to take for a two week holiday by the seaside, but what would you take on a voyage to establish a colony in the New World? The answer is as much as you can cram into a 35 meter long boat with 102 other Pilgrims plus 40 crew members. 

In the New World things were desperate, starvation loomed, until some friendly local tribe showed the Pilgrims what crops to plant. Huzzah!  It’s time for a celebration of Thanksgiving and don’t forget to invite King Massasoit and his tribe!

First Thanksgiving Play Script by Robert Reed 

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