How do I put on a great assembly?

Do not:

  • Ask the most eccentric students in the school to come on stage and do anything they want to.
  • Hide in your classroom and don’t come out.
  • Invite pupils to perform ‘funny’ impressions of teachers.
  • Attempt twenty minute game of ‘sleeping lions’
  • Conduct the assembly in made up language.
  • Invite a friendly chainsaw juggler to demonstrate his/her skills.
  • Invite members of staff to participate in an impromptu ‘Cirque du Soleil’ performance.
  • Put on a homemade indoor firework display – an extremely bad idea!
  • Have a 200-a-side game of football.
  • Totally deny it’s your assembly- you swapped with what’s-her-name, right?

So, how can you put on a great assembly?

To shine with a super assembly that will differentiate you from the crowd, you may need to put an effort into delivering an assembly at the level of a proper theatrical production (thankfully shorter though). And for that, you will need a great script.

For most teachers, writing their own assembly script is not an option.  Whether you’re looking for just funny or funny and educational scripts, you could consider using scripts on this site.  Getting a script is just a start – but an important one! 


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