Science Assembly KS2

Primary School Resource KS2 Elementary School Play
Short funny educational parody play script about scientific discoveries for performance by kids.

The Back to the Past Guide
to Great Scientific Discoveries

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Science Assemblies KS1 and KS2

Science Assembly KS2 Play Script for Kids Download Free Image


  • short one-act play

  • one scenery
    • simple props

  • educational content
    • about scientific discoveries

  • scientists
    • Sir Isaac Newton
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Wilhelm Röntgen
    • the Wright Brothers
    • John Logie Baird





Science, History of Science, Newton, Franklin, Wright, Baird

Age group: 9-11   (Key Stage 2   Year 5-6)
Genre: Educational / Parody
Duration: 22 minutes
Cast: 21-23


Robert Reed


Informative and funny play.
For anyone who wants to prove that learning about Science can be fun.




In this parody of the successful 1980s movie, Marty McFry and Doc Peppermint Brown take the audience back to the past to witness some great scientific breakthroughs. The scientists they visit include: Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Wilhelm Röntgen, the Wright Brothers and John Logie Baird.

The script includes an option to link part of the assembly to a Year 6 Design and Technology topic.


Play Excerpt

NARRATOR: Previous designs for manned flight had involved a lot of flapping. (Two strangely dressed people holding wings enter stage, warm-up like athletes, flap furiously and jump from chair, one after the other and walk off sadly.) It didn’t really work.


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