Primary school assembly about Saint Patrick

St. Patrick's Day primary resources - play script for kids.
Short funny informational script for primary school assemblies.


St. Patrick and The Emerald Isle 


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  • humorous celebration of the story of St. Patrick

  • detailed descriptions of
    • characters, costumes, props, backdrops
    • stage directions

  • one-act play
    • no changes to the scenery

  • rights to three performances
    are included in the purchased playscript





Saint Patrick, St Patrick's Day, Ireland,
leprechaun, clurichaun

Age group: 9-11   (Key Stage 2   UK Years 5-6)
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 23 minutes
Number of actors: 24-34


Robert Reed
Price: 4.50 GBP or 8.00 USD


The play features many amusing scenes and Irish expressions.




The play covers the events in St. Patrickís life mixed with a dash of blarney and stirred with a lucky four-leafed clover.

When the young St. Patrick is taken by pirates to Ireland as a slave he is befriended by a leprechaun and clurichaun. St. Patrick shows them how to be kinder fairy-folk to humans, partly thanks to some Irish-dancing sheep. St. Patrick leaves Ireland and then returns later as a missionary. His two friends act as his companions as he journeys around Ireland banishing snakes, preaching, planting ash trees, meeting with legendary Celtic warriors and less-than-friendly druids.


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